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Thread: .UDD file are not loading in OllyDbg!

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    .UDD file are not loading in OllyDbg!

    I'm having problem with OllyDbg. When i open a process into the OllyDbg, the contents of the .UDD file is not loading into the OllyDbg.
    I have wrote a lot of comments into it and now it is not loading. The process is the same when i wrote the comments. I don't wanna loss all of those data. Helppp!!!
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Did you check if Options->Apperance->Directories points to the path where your UDD is?

    Did you move the module that you are debugging from its original location??

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    if you answer yes to any one of the questions posted by naides then you have only two options to get the udd loaded.

    The first and easiest it to make sure the you bring the file to its original folder when you first wrote the comments. Note also that the size of the file is checked by Olly before loading the udd fully.

    Second if you you are not sure or wants to retain the current path of the file, then open the Udd file with your favourite HexEditor. At the Offset 3Ah following the keyword "Fil" is the length of the file path in Hex. For instance "D:\Tools\ExampleExe\startup.exe" has a length of 31d so the value at offsett 3A would be 1F. The next two bytes after the end of the file path is the keyword "Siz" and the dword after it gives the size of the file. If you didn't modify anything to change the size of the file you'd not need to modify this.
    Make your changes and save the udd file. After that Olly should load it successfully for you.

    Note: Don't forget to add extra/or delete excess bytes if the length of the new path is longer/shorter than the original one in the udd file.

    Regards and cheers,

    PS: I do it often, because I transfer udd files across computers.

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    @TempoMat: Thank you for your insight and useful tips, from both me and gaitmia (in abscence). . .

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    @naides: You're most welcome.
    I have lernt a lot from this Forum even before I registered and started posting. I registered to help contribute the few little things I have come to know in reversing, some of them acquired the hard way to help others get on faster.

    I actually started RCE with SICE but had to give in to Olly as I could not properly use SICE on WinXP.

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