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Thread: IDA GUID-Finder PlugIn 1.0b

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    IDA GUID-Finder PlugIn 1.0b

    Opps, delete me. Just saw you imported it thanks.

    EDIT: Okay thanks, more formal intro here then:

    An IDA Pro 5.xx plug-in to find GUID/UUIDs.
    By Sirmabus V: 1.0B

    The COM side of RE'ing (at least with "dead listing") can be pretty elusive.
    With this you can at least partially glean what interfaces and classes a target is

    This plug-in scans the IDB for class and interfaces GUIDs and creates the matching
    structure with label. IDA can find these on it's own, but it often misses them, so
    this can fill in the gap.
    Plus this plug-in allows you to easily add custom declarations, and is handy to do
    a general audit for such GUIDs.

    This is based Frank Boldewin's IDA Python script that you can find here:
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    That's quite alright Sirmabus, the post can stay here since it's already here.

    Thank you for all your tool contributions.

    Just for reference, the original blog import post is here:

    And the plugin itself is also in the CRCETL, where you're welcome to add any of your other tools/extensions if they're not already there.

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