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Thread: ARTeam new site

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    ARTeam new site

    ARTeam is very happy to announce to our members the public launch of our brand new site which we hope our members enjoy and love!

    We would like to remind our members that the new site is still being worked on and is not 100% done. More features will come in the future.

    With this new site we wanted to present a new look for us. No more ugly-code-soup table layout, script kiddies website which we were definetely not very happy with it and we are sure many others didn’t either. A more friendly, usable and accessible site for our users is what we are aiming at and what we did when we were redesigning the site.

    We hope you enjoy the new site! It has been redesigned and coded from scratch, no more code-soup script kiddie site. A new tutorials system which will only get better as time passes by. Forum and Site DB integration and look-match will make the site have a feeling of being a whole complete site not two completely different ones. Now let’s talk about the features you guys can expect to see in the future.
    • A Mobile version coming soon for all our members who would like to access the site on handheld devices.
    • eZine will *probably* be available to read online and/or download plus couple other stuff...
    • Tutorials system will get finished since right now we still have to implent key features such as search and couple other features like RSS. After this we will most likely want to enhance it and ask our members for suggestions.
    • IRC Live Chat applet in the IRC section. Maybe this way we get more people to actually go in and chat. There will be stats in forum and site for this so users know who’s in the channel.
    • Latest X Stats – It will keep you informed of latest forum posts, latest tutorials submitted, latest tools released and well you get it latest everything happening with the site.
    • Tools section. – This is still being thought of but we do have something in mind like hosting most useful RCE tools and such with of course author’s permission.
    • The RCE Links section will *not* be a link farm but it’ll be more like a guide to guide users to many other RCE resources and sites which might be worth to visit.
    • Beginners Section – We are thinking to launch a whole new section for beginners which will include video tutorials for beginners such as the ones from lena (with permission of course), our own video tutorials, and many other stuff which will be only aimed at beginners. Videos in this sections will *most likely* be available to watch online or download.
    • And a whole lot more you guys will see in the near future.
    Well we hope you enjoy it and have phun in it!

    A note: Temporarly, so as to minimize migration's problems and missing things, we stiil have the old site here:
    but please experiment the new site mainly.


    ARTeam members.

    P.S. Please report any bugs to bugs section, thank you for your help!
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    Btw. Cool design.
    Please consider donating to help staying online (here is why).
    Any amount greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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