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Thread: EXECryptor (Latest version) dump fixing

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    I am still trying to unpack this app.
    Then i read a bit of ASM tutorials and stuff.
    I got to know that i was doing all wrong.
    I found the correct OEP and stuff now.
    Even assembled the InitExe jump properly (the last one wasnt proper).
    THe problem now is fixing imports.
    I press IAT autosearch in ImpRec and it finds one import and the rest are invalid.
    The valid one found is MessageBoxA.
    I tried the ExeCryptor ImpRec plugin but still they are invalid.
    Deroko, please help me.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Don't use IAT autosearch, locate IAT manually, then type rva/size in imprec and locate invalid pointers, run plugin on them and voila. If target fails on some pointer, simply save tree.txt, skip that pointer and run plugin on others, later you may locate invalid ptrs manually. Logic is simple -> ExeCryptor will call GetModuleHandle or LoadLibrary to get dll base or to load needed .dll and will use custom implementation of getprocaddress to find API.

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