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Thread: how do i do this in olly?

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    how do i do this in olly?

    just say i have a bunch of code like so:

    #1: mov edx,dword ptr[65525]
    #2: push edx
    #3: call 407714
    #4: mov dword ptr[65525],eax
    #5: ret

    if the call at line #3 returns value 1 into eax and i want it to return value 0 into eax everytime how do i do this?

    note i can do this by breakpoint at #4 and changing eax to 0 manually in olly, but this call it called like 60 times a second, so can olly automaticly change eax to 0 between lines #3 and #4 for me?
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    how do i do this in olly?

    put in tis line of the call, right click FOLLOW and enter in the call, and all a inject before the RET of INC EAX.


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    how do i do this in olly?

    yes you can automatically change eax to 0 every time if that is what you prefer
    use conditional breakpoint

    select line 3
    dont enter any thing on condition or expression box
    choose pause always radio button
    in the pause these commands to plugin box

    .set eax = 0 (dot set eax = 0)
    .run (dot run)

    hit ok

    now when ever this break is hit the commandline plugin will trap the break set eax == 0 and issue a run command

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