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Thread: breaking inside modules

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    jose barroca

    breaking inside modules

    Hello all,

    probably a stupid question, but all the tuts I found deal with single-file applications. Now, I'm digging inside a program that calls dlls, that call other dlls and so on, and which does not stop at any useful input window.

    I'd like to stop inside a specific dll and then tinker along, but I fail to understand how that can be done. COuld anyone provide info on this?


    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    breaking inside modules

    options--> debugging options --> events --> break on new module
    should break on new modules that load

    or juthit f12 key (pause ) it will break some where inside
    use ctrl+k (call stack ) and find what called which and where it would return and so on

    view executable modules find the dlls of interest
    right click view names find a functions that is of interest set break on it
    and tinker along after it broke

    load the dlls that is loaded independently and study them and ask ollydbg to break on such function ollydbg will break if that function is called

    use runtrace (trace in) and ask ollydbg to log every thing use the log to parse the execution path

    use a standalone disassembler like ida dead list the module save a lst file
    and parse through the flow

    well there are innumerable options that could be perused if you want to
    fire in the dark

    last but not least the help file should be of immense help if you go through it as well as your rodents right button
    just keep on right clicking and you should some day find all the
    easter eggs that are hidden inside the contxt menus

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