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Thread: hardware breakpoints

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    hardware breakpoints

    Okay, I've been using HW BPs and I want to disable one I set previously, viewing breakpoints does not show the HW BP in the list?

    I cannot remeber where in memory I set it, therefore I cannot disable BP
    by right clicking i the dump window.

    Then I remember, that there are 4 debug regs D0..D3.
    D0 Shows an adress I previosly set a HW BP, right clicking on this address in the dump doesn't allow me to select disable.

    This raised the question how do I navigate to a specific address in the dump window? How can I enter an address to jump to in the dump?

    When trying to answer this question I found by the Find References menu item (Ctrl +R) which revealed another part of code which refs the string I was looking at .
    I just need to try and make sense of that now.


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    hardware breakpoints

    debug -- hardware breakpoints-->delete

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