Some questions (or suggestions):

1) Is there any way to know in which function i'm in now (shown sometimes in the information bar in the CPU view)? I saw that this is working only in a few functions. even after i analyse the code...

2) It may be better to put lables in one line and the assembly in another: because if i want to see the name of the function/lable, then i must expand the first column. and it takes up lots of space...
For example, instad of this:

77E7B332 kernel32.GetProcAddress |&#036; 55 |push ebp
77E7B333 |. 8BEC |mov ebp, esp
77E7B335 |. 51 |push ecx

something like this (shown here without colors...):

77E7B332 | |kernel32.GetProcAddress:
77E7B332 |&#036; 55 | push ebp
77E7B333 |. 8BEC | mov ebp, esp
77E7B335 |. 51 | push ecx

3) It would be great to add an "input helper" to some edit boxes. for example: in the "Goto expression" dialog box: when i start writing a lable name, i'd like OllyDbg to show me all the lables that start with those letters.
another example is when i write a conditinal expression "MSG==WM_" -> i'd like to see all the messages known...