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    about links

    TBD how about adding a few links to the forum page: one to OllyDbg's site, one to the plugins page, one to, etc.


    [TBD::edit] i moved the post here because i want to keep annoucements only for annoucements

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    about links

    i will make some changes on the front page but till then is ... _work in progress_

    i plan to make a FAQ page where will be all the links, ... but will be a wiki page - so that anyone can add there

    yaa: how is the FAQ doing ?

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    about links

    Well, at the moment I'm making more a "hands-on" or "tips and tricks" site. There haven't really been recurring questions up to now on the forum. I'll be putting something up in the next few days also with the possibility for visitors to contribute/correct/improve the published tips and tricks (luckily PHP is very much like C ... :-))


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    about links

    yaa: why not use wiki that is already written ?
    did you tried the KlipFolio ... it rocks

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    about links

    Yup, I donwloaded it. What do you mean by "use it"??? Use it for what?? I suppose I could a klip for my site too. Is that what you mean?


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    about links

    i mean to use the klip to see the latest discussion from this forum

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    about links

    I do use it. What it is wiki???


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    about links

    wiki = easy changeable web pages, example

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    about links

    Hey dudes, I'm glad to see that the forum is working out well and that the ollydbg community is having a great time

    What more can I do to help you out? TBD, let me know, I get backlogged from time to time so I prolly forgot what you asked me ;}

    Take care dudes,
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    about links

    Ro: i've sent you a php wiki package to see if it can be put here. i want to have a FAQ section where anyone can contribute.

    also i will send you monday some minor modifications for the first page (add some links)

    did you checked KlipFolio ? (this is my new toy nowdays)

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