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Thread: Getting address data from exe files

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    The subtle provocation works better than the out and out insult, truly the sign of a superior mind!

    BYE BYE! Intruder - but we'll see you with another name using a proxy - but not for long.

    Unemployed old fart Geek - Self Employed Annoyance
    Team: Noobisco Crackers
    If someone can't do it for you, you'll never learn!

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    No, dont ban him, let him keep yapping. He gave away a very curious clue as to who he really is.

    So he is a troll, I like these kinds of things.
    His superior knowledge of IP address and port numbers show how l337 he really is. Using AOL just reinforces this.
    There are no user's here that have a true AOL IP address. This forum is beyond those users.

    So with that being said, lets look at his usage of punctuation.
    Also look at the poor attempt to cover up by using the lamest of mispellings. Poor sentence structure by a non English speaker is much poorer.
    Consider the use of "American" slang.
    Seems he thinks we are all "old". I wonder why he thinks that.
    His use of HA-HA-HA is just a rip-off of my usage. There are not many who laugh by typing BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA.

    Thanks naides.

    My mom sucks dick for free. If you want to know where she lives, send me a PM.

    If you really want help with your problem, start talking some real shit.

    So whats it gonna be shit stain ?

    TA TA, OBC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodmann
    No, dont ban him, let him keep yapping
    You know where the undo button is

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    So are we going to let him back so we can poke more fun at him or what? Isn't it interesting that as a "knowledgable AOL user" he doesn't actually know that "he doesn't actually have an IP???"

    OK. I've returned him from the "Goners."

    My only concerned is that he is apparently psychic. After all, he "knew" I'm 60!


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    *you mom suck my dick

    *oops! i forgot she did but for 10 cents


    Reverse the code,Reverse Your Minds First

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    ahm mr. intruder you forget that your question has a) allready been answered, and b) you failed understanding it

    how is the super VB rename my button app going?

    please tell me/us more! dont worry, just keep on posting we are glad to extend our knowledge, maybe you can teach us VB?

    can you give me 1 reasonable example where to use VB? (and i dont mean to dynamically control documents like word (thats the .doc files)).

    thanx, please keep up the fun! and please dont smoke until you are 16 (at least in europe)

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    Hey, enough of the VB bashing!
    It has its place in the world... Even if much of that is in the hands of AOLers who picked up their TCP/IP knowledge from #1337h4x0rz on EFNet (accessed via an applet, naturally).

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    its the combination of the languague and the "programmer" probably what makes things just ... ya know

  10. #55 experiences with VB-only "programmers" have been... not much unlike this thread. Is it the programmer that degrades the language, or the other way around?

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    Why is it, when VB progers dont get the answer they want, they get all pissed off ?


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    Oh are we bashing a vb programming? Nope btw we are bashing Verbal Bullshit programmer :P

    Reverse the code,Reverse Your Minds First

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    I'm SO disappointed. No one has noticed the "special" title I have given Intruder when I brought him back from the "Goners". Of course who whats to start from the beginning of this Thread.


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    I noticed the new connotation for intruder.

    I love esther's reply


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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodmann
    Why is it, when VB progers dont get the answer they want, they get all pissed off?
    That's a wonderful observation, and it rings worryingly true.
    ...I'm starting to consider dropping the VB mention from my CV/resumé

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