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Thread: I have a stupid question..

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    At least one entrepreneur thought there was a market for "mouse lubricant"...

    I find the Microsoft optical mice very good. The cheapest one is under US$10 and the one I have has lasted over 3 years of moderate gaming use. Just clean the lens once in a while and change the teflon tape on the pads, and it just keeps working like (better than) new.

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    hey woodmann, try glue, you never know, it might work differently than expected, and if it doesnt you end up with a nice table ornament

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    Welcome to Reverse Porn Engineering, where we turn adult-oriented products into cracking tools. Next up, dongle reversing using nothing but a pack of batteries and a... uh.... never mind.

    Still here...

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    Oh shit...........

    That would make a vibrator an I/O device ?

    I am so glad I think of stupid things.


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    I didn't think you had it in you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigint33

    I didn't think you had it in you!

    hehe i hope that statement wasnt meant literally :P

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    I must have misread when I signed up to Woodmann's Perverse Engineering forum.

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    I suggest we drop the this thread right here. . .
    While the DMCA investigators are not an example of reason, they are not the cadre of fanatics that enforce the Communications Decency Act. Ask the legal experts around here, those Talibans will close the board in a split second . . . because our "lurid" contents!

    I am half serious
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    Concerning the 'batteries suck' problem:

    I recently bought one of these and I'm quite happy about this choice so far.
    They're relatively cheap, optical, battery free and wireless (well, not really, 'cause the pad has to be attached, but imho 'wireless' is all about more freedom of mouse movement).
    The concept has some small disadvantages like being locked to one specific (not very wide) mouse pad and you should get some additional teflon tape as the pre-mounted gliders aren't very effective, but imho that's well worth it.
    Usually I tend to stick to PS2 mice as well, but by switching to USB in this case I even got rid of some erratic mouse behaviour in SoftICE...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigint33
    I'm amazed, endless uses for WD40, engine starting spray for carbeurator engines, bolt loosener, but actually it should not normally be used as a lubricant it's meant to displace water (that's where "WD" comes from), and was never meant to replace oil or grease.SiGiNT
    I was working on an industrial site recently and had the task of removing duct tape that had been sun-baked onto chemical-resistant, plastic cabinets. Nothing would touch it guessed it...WD40.

    One other tip: It's "extremely" flammable. I was squirting it into the contacts of a clothes drier to free up the mechanism. When I turn the power on, a flame shot out about 2 feet from the contacts, very nearly singing my eyebrows.

    Sadly, it's not a good mix with Canadian Club. :-)

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