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Thread: Sentinel SuperPro Emulation - Have Dongle

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    Sentinel SuperPro Emulation - Have Dongle

    Hey guys. I work at a family owned machine shop, and we are using some software. I would like to install the software at home to design some parts in my free time, and bring them in. We have the original dongle, and it works fine, but when we install the software at anyones house, it says the dongle is missing. I have been doing a bunch of research, and managed to dump the data from the dongle, but not sure how to make an emulator out of the data. Anyone here know how its done? Im lost, and for almost $5,000, I should be able to use it at home and work. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry, Didnt even know I did that. I did read the FAQ. Im just stupid
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Based on your skill you have two options:

    1. Find out if your program has been cracked already and find the crack for it.
    look for, you can find out through dupechecks like etc
    2. dongle emulation backup services etc, or safekey international ) i think, they are very good and professional. They will due your dongle for about 350$ usd. Thats just a tuneup and oil change. There you go.

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    Yeah, I actually already got a demo from safekey that runs out next week. They want almost 500, which is kinda a lot at the moment. We may be able to spend it in the future, but times are tough. I can learn a lot, and I have many years of computer experience as an AIX/UNIX admin. I just need a place to start. I have been looking through CRACKZ page, but I'm a little overwhelmed. Should I bother learning, or is my lack of Assembly language going to prevent me from doing this? Part of the reason I'm working there is to help move us into the modern times, but before I can teach on the software, I really need to practice at home. If I;m outta my league, let me know, cause this seems to be the most complete source for what I'm trying to do. Thanks again
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    Quote Originally Posted by spinemangler
    or is my lack of Assembly language going to prevent me from doing this?
    You will need to learn some IA-32 Asm first... good references are the Intel manuals (download them from Intel website).

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    Yeah, Ill take a look at those manuals. Some dude on these forums offered to "help" me, but by help, he meant, try to charge me money for a solution. Thanks buddy. Right now it looks like I'll just have to wait until I can afford to pay someone to make me an emulator, cause this is over my head. Thanks for the input guys.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hiya Spine,

    Drop me an e-mail. I might well be able to help (and I don't charge anything ;-) ). I might ask you to make a new dongle dump or for some of the files from the software though.



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    Just curious, Have you thought about cracking the time trial on the demo u received from safekey? (Ironic (: ) Also, I do recall one other solution you have is to find t0ro's emualtor, its a recrack of safekeys emulator but i think they do requests. Anyways the advertised price on safekeys website is 350, i dont see how they can charge you 500? Anyway good luck. I c crackz might be of some service to you. Im sure you will get somewhere. As for learning to crack, its something you have to want to do, not just so u can learn to crack one program. Its a hobby/interest , and to crack a GOOD sspro implementation it can takes years before you get to that level, or if you are taught properly and learn quickly, you can pick it up much faster , particulary if you are already familiar with programming.

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    SafeKey? is this the same group that used to be called SafeSoft, (out of Canada), I thought they were extinct.

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    Sab, I dont know enough about cracking to try that, although it is a good idea. I got my places mixed up and the price I quoted wasnt from safekey. It was called softkey. Softkey offered me a demo, which was cool, but a little more expensive. I was unaware of safekey. sigint, I'm not really sure if its the same company, but I think safekey is located Canada, so maybe. Right now crackz said he'd help me out, which is awesome, cause he seems like the go to guy. Anyway, thanks for the tips, I just grabbed IA32 Assembly Lanaguage Programming guides, and Im checkin em out. Was already teaching myself perl right now anyway.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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