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Thread: New Syser Debugger 1.3 Release

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    Arrow New Syser Debugger 1.3 Release
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Automatically translated for the non-Chinese among us:
    Syser Debugger is specially is Windows the NT overhead construction system development essence level and collects series level the debugging and the original code level debugging based on the X86 platform using the level entire graphical interface debugger. support binary system. Syser Debugger supports the Windows application procedure and the Windows driver debugging Syser Debugger perfect unifies IDA Pro and Softice as well as the Ollydbg function, causes the operation to be more convenient quickly The function is more formidable

    System demand:
    1.586/100 above processors (58.6/300+ million suggestion)
    2. Operating system demand Windows 2000, Window XP, Windows 2,003 or renewal edition.
    3. At least 256MB physics memory
    4. At least 5MB idle floppy disk space
    5.VGA reveals the card. (Resolution 640*480 at least 16bit (65,536) color)
    6. Mouse or compatible spot equipment. (PS2 Mouse, USB Mouse, TouchPad, TrackPoint)

    Procedure characteristic:
    1. colored counter-assemblies supports
    2. original code level debugging support grammar matches colors
    3. the original code level debugging to support the original code and the assembly instruction folds the type to reflect
    4. supports dynamic increases and unloading
    5. entire keyboard operation support. (if is not having mouse equipment situation all operations all to be allowed to use keyboard to operate)
    6. entire mice operations support. (not to have keyboard equipment situation to be allowed to use mouse to control all operations)
    7. orders compatible Softice more than
    8. languages supports, first floor entire unicode realization
    9. plug-in units mechanisms support
    10. multi- CPU support, supports Intel Hyper-Threaded processors.
    11. supports starts script. (is similar to batch run document)
    12. supports to cut the board function, in 3 links copies data to 0 links debuggers in
    13. may with Softice peaceful coexistence. Softice after Syser starts Syser also may unload. even may debug softice.
    14. PDB debugging code message comprehensive support
    15. autoloadings driver debugging When
    16. supports debuggings increases the annotation
    17. supports bookmarks function
    18. in the counter- assembly window support address navigation function, double-clicks the fast browsing different function through the mouse
    19. original codes debuggings support fast variable examined that, through moves the mouse to be allowed to examine the variable type as well as the variable value to the variable name on
    20. Syser has realized IDA and Softice as well as the ollydbg function perfect union
    21. supports addresses overlapping quotation tabulates
    22. support datas quotation tabulates
    23. supports TouchPad, the TrackPoint equipment high-level processing pattern
    24. support most according to the window
    25. supports the multi- codes window convenience assembly code the browsing
    26. supports ollydbg run the trace track way
    27. debuggings code message automatic production and the autoloading are quick-witted. Has omitted the softice original code debugging troublesome step. if you develop and debug the use identical machine. does not change the original code depositing table of contents in you in the situation, you so long as translate in you may in the execution file the mouse right key, springs in the menu in the right key to choose with Debug with the Syser vegetable single item may enter our debugger to carry on the original code level or to collect series level the debugging.
    (I know Chinese but I'm too lazy to translate it manually... anyway this conveys the general sense of the debugger sufficiently )

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    and the demo is ultra limited, how i see in previous versions making the debugger unusable?


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