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Thread: A year since Crackz site was updated

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    Wink A year since Crackz site was updated

    Hey crackz,

    Its now exactly a year since your site was updated. I am desparately waiting for your site to be updated, especially dongles section. How soon can i expect it ??

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    As Above

    I don't think he was going to update his site.

    But seeing that you've put in a deadline, I am sure he'll leave his real-life and update it for you

    But seriously Crackz. Gimme a reply! When are you going to update it? Huh? When huh?

    Have Phun,

    PS: How dare you keep us waiting?
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    He's still working on retrieving all of the Shania jpg's on that hard drive.

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    Also I īm waiting this Update.

    New essays about FlexLM !

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    Happy Anniversary

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    You heard that CrackZ!
    You better come up with those updates,
    or something drastic is going to happen. . .
    like, we will call you a name?

    No something worse,

    You will become allergic to beer! ARRGGHH!

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    Bugger it, I just typed my reply and got logged out automatically! Argh!.

    The gist of what I wrote, everyone can probably relate to this, I'm very busy with real life and therefore time is my major constraint, so unless someone wants to fund me about 3 months away from my day job so I can finish all the various projects I've had on the backburner, my sites going to remain a low priority for the forseeable future.

    Regards ;-).


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