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Thread: coders REquest

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    coders REquest

    hi all,

    I have some coding tasks to give away, and want to check if there are some people out who can code

    - under linux in C, with gcc, qt3, designer
    - understand ELF basics, or are willing to learn quickly

    i have some projects, one in particular which are also related to knoppix|RE, but stand also alone for themselves.
    it would be too nice to launch our own live CD with some (more ) of our own toolz!

    i am talking about nice gui driven tools for a handy working in the RCE field on linux. the goal is to mix commandline and gui and scripting power.

    i am quite sure that at some level of progress I can make ie .deb, .rpm packages for major distros and get them included. is this an extra motivation?

    i can give you well isolated tasks, from easy to more complicated, I just don't have the time to realize all i want to do. so .... your turn!

    Pls post here or contact me via PM!



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    hi all,

    thanks for your PMs!

    i am back now and work your tasks out ....

    thx + regards,


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    when i finally started this thing, it turned out to be not that much work. argh sorry for keeping yo waiting.

    i make a new post to indicate the tool, and would like to get your opinions / etc ....
    i'll release the source somewhen next week. if someone is interesting in contributing, can have it before hehe




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