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Thread: Dot NET op codes and other resources

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    Dot NET op codes and other resources

    In case anyone's interested -


    As for cleverness or imcompetance, it is M$............


    It appears garbled because the URL link function hides the underline character, but, your suggestion, is better, otherwise it lands you in the beq.s section, (the same as jmp short), it actually seems at first take, that the analogs to assembler ops are pretty clear IE: beqtrue.s the same as je (short), and likewise for false, I've only looked at a couple of apps. but it appears to be a lot more superficial than assembler.

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    Well, the last token of the link is a little garbled: please replace it with
    But the article is even more garbled :-)! I would like to have more time to purge out all the garbage... For example: translate the code to ASM...

    Why they make things so obfuscated? Is it cleverness or incompetence?

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    Micro$oft seems to be addicted to Extremely Long URLs.

    As for the article... it's nearly incomprehensible. It's partially due to their excessive use of Object Oriented methodology, something which I absolutely hate (the mere fact that everything is an object is confusing enough). One wonders how programmers can ever write good code that way...

    I've looked around the Internet, and it seems I have yet to find a good Opcodes Map like they have in the back of Intel manuals... though I doubt anyone would write an entire application in MSIL, since I doubt any size or speed improvements would come of it, and the architecture (stack-based) is rather restrictive.
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    Get the book SAMS - Common Language Runtime Unleashed

    and Inside Microsoft .NET IL assembler book - it has all the MSIL opcodes.

    Lunar uploaded the first to exetools ftp, the second is attachment in exetools forum.

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