Dear all,
ARTeam is changing..we think that it's an important thing to announce to the scene, so here' the reason for the post.

As you have seen there are some changes in our forum..these changes are not errors, but intentional.
Due to recent threads and the change of scenario we are living (burst and so on), we decided to move to less illegal positions becoming again an only tutorial team. We will only release tutorials as ARTeam.

Effective immediately ARTeam will transform from a "Tutorial/Release" Group.. to just stright Tutorials... Now this change has already started to take shape. How will this effect you? Well if you are there only to grab a crack, then take care... If your there to learn.. then enjoy your stay with us! We at ARTeam appologize for the sudden change in structure.. but we feel it was very needed.. This has been in the works for some time...

This is an important decision we took after a lot of internal discussions and thus we would like all our subscribers to strictly stick to these change of mission. So the rules of this forum will be much or less the same of other forums like woodman's one. Do not post requests for cracks or commercial application to patch. Post and discuss on Reversing methods instead...of course you can discuss on a specific application but with the objective to learn reversing techniques and not to simply patch it. From discussions might be evident the learning intentions to comply ARTeam mission.

As we told, if you were reversing for knowledge you should have no problems with this change of direction, if you were there for cracking or 0days or other similar things, well you are now in the wrong place.

Sincerely your
ARTeam members!