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Thread: Softice Problem

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    Softice Problem


    I have some problems with my Softice v.405 running on my windows xp sp1 machine.
    Firstly, the mouse does not work properly. When i have pressed ctrl+d and softice has popped up, everytime i move the mouse keyboard input is generated (seemingly random characters) in the input lline. This is very annoying. I am using an USB cordless mouse (logitech). I already tried to disable it in the softice settings, but the only effect of this was that i cannot move it any longer when softice is popped up (so characters are still generated).
    Secondly, I am searching for a possibility to change the keyboard settings/layout within softice from american to european.

    tia, 4c1d
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Obviously you have failed to actually READ THE FAQ. It directs you to use the Search Button to attempt to find answers on your question BEFORE you Post. There are a number of Threads here on the subject of Softive and various flavors of win xp and its service packs. There are also Threads discussing problems with mouse operation and keyboard issues.

    Do the Search you should have already done and THEN come back and ask a follow-up question showing you have researched that subject. You should also search on the net, using subjects in your favorite search engine, shcu as "softice 4.05 + winxp sp1" and/or softice 4.05 + winxp sp1 + mouse" and/or "softice + keyboard settings" (all without the quotes of course.


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