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Thread: break disabled after one break

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    break disabled after one break

    I set a bpx on getdlgitemtexta
    it works only for one time
    softice dosn't break on the same action
    it reset to bd
    I don't know this happend from prog I debug
    or from softice
    (be) make it works again
    I want to know the reason
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    1) debug and you will see if your Sice is malfunctioning or it is your program that is erasing the Sice bp. I Bet you it is the second.

    2)Try hardware breakpoints: bpm getdlgitemtexta X and see if the problem still occurs

    3) I remember seeing antidebug tricks that cleared the Sice bp.

    4) try Olly debug and see what happens.

    5) Hide Sice with IceExt and see what happens

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