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Thread: AntiDetectOllyPatch-Also works with Execryptor

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    Hi, try following manually what I told at post #20 of this same thread.
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    Unhappy waaaa...

    So more broken...
    i do like this...

    1. i patch the OllyDgb.exe with these progy...
    2. i clone OllyDbg.exe 1 name is same, 1 is my name OllyDebug_execryptor.exe
    3. i open lordpe->directory->exports change rva and size to 0 (zero)
    4. i save...
    5. i repair .exe with RE-Repair.exe -> and new olly was created (Myr05.exe)...
    6. now i have 3 olly...
    - Original
    - Patched
    - Repair

    problem is :
    - when i running the patched olly some my plugin (sometime all) not load...
    - when i running the repaired windows send the fatal error...

    question is :
    am i wrong on that ?

    .: Allow Me To Learning :.

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    sorry, have to reply..

    hiding olly like that is totally and utterly lame, and there HAS to be a better approach.. if you have to use tools like lordpe and re-pair to mess with executables then something is seriously wrong.. you should (assuming you are not a newbie) at least have the experience and knowledge of the pe format to either.. 1. do it manually.. carefully or 2. code a tool to do it

    i had to hide my softice from various anti debug measures, and i sure as shit didnt use 3rd party tools to do it, and i learned a lot from it.. maybe people should just learn....

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    yes it has, you have to change all references by hand, and after it you must change in plugins as well, then no problem with missing function entries
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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