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    RE: Adding mouse functionality

    Not sure it's the right place to post that. If it's in wrong place, please mods, move it in the right one

    I'm sure i've seen anywhere some advices on adding mouse functionality to an App but i can't remember where and can't find it anymore.

    Where is my problem ?

    Some time, for a quick disassembly i use W32DASM (yes, i know IDA, it's THE tool but sometimes there is no need of).
    W32DASM is very usefull for simple proggies but the Wheel mouse functionality is not implemented and it's what i want to do.

    I've no idea how i can do that, if somebody here can help !


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    Since you also posted this question on the Exetools Forum, I will also post my response to that Thread here. There MaRKuS-DJM reminded you you should look for the patches to WDasm made by Bratalarm, which had previously been posted on Exetools. Searching for that Thread there would lead to the patch and a post by Volodya, a member both there and here, which reported that the Bratalarm patches to WDasm 8.93 and a "WDasm 10" mofidication by J.Ping/Killer could be found on at:

    for you to download and try.


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    [/mode joke on]
    JMI, seems like you failed to follow one of the rule of our forum: search the board.
    A simple search will reveal a nice thread by Kayaker named "Code Injection with Code Snippet Creator: W32Dasm + Mouse Wheel support".
    [/mode joke off]

    Best regards,

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    Thumbs up

    Many thank's Zairon
    It's what i was searching for !

    And sorry, i've searched this board too but it seem i've not searched the right words.

    Thank's again

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    Hi ZaiRoN:

    I actually started in the Exetools with this answer and was only expanding on information MaRKuS-DJM posted there. I didn't actually search here or there because it wasn't MY job to find what was requested. I mearly passed on the location of the tools MaRKuS-DJM mentioned because i remembered where it could be found.

    The only one who should have searched was LOUZEW and apparently he did, but without success.

    But I DO appreciate the humor of your post.


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    But I DO appreciate the humor of your post.

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