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Thread: Olly Invisible Plugin

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    Olly Invisible Plugin

    One of the members on the Exetools, named Terrayoot, has created a plugin for Olly named "Olly Invisible Plugin" with some interesting code which seems to be developing into a very nice plugin indeed. You can check out his work and the informative discussion of debugger detection code in this thread:

    It seems to be very effective, but is still under development, so I'm not going to attach a copy of it here yet.

    There is also an interesting small piece of code by TQN, who is a member here, called "AntiDBG" which is useful for determing whether your Debugger is well hidden from most current methods of finding it. Since TQN is a member, I will allow him to decide whether or not to post his detector here also.

    Worth checking out.


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    Any chance us less fortunate individuals (read: cannot register Exetools forum) get access to the plug-in download at this site? The thread
    was very interesting and many thanks for posting it here.

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    Hello JMI,
    I saw in the ExeTools, read count about 1500, but download count only above 20. Too many people can not download it. I think Teerayoot will agree to share the plugin at this forum.

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    I agree. The only reason I haven't posted it already was that he was changing it nearly every day and that would create problems of constantly updating here as well. I am merely waiting for a "stable" relase of a couple days vintage and I will attach a copy here for all to play with and possibly help delevope.


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    Maybe it's not best place to ask that, but anyway. JMI, in one your post u said that registration at ExeTools is closed just temporaly. That was long time ago and i'm just curious is it still closed just temporaly? If yes then when we can expect it to be open again?

    Best regards
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    i think, reposting here is not cool idea;
    maybe author will create some web-page with download & post here link

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    Olly Invisible is now available on the arteam site -

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