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Thread: Looking for Sentinel SuperPro Emulator

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    Looking for Sentinel SuperPro Emulator

    I've been searching the net for the past week but cant find a sentinel superpro emulator . Would appreciate if someone could point a link/upload the emulator for me.


    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    So was I....

    i too was looking for an emulator for the sentinel superpro.... after many attempts to locate one and failing, i had to restore to creating my own. this is hardware based using microcontrollers and is not a true emulator as i am not able to emulate the Algo that it uses (i'm not smart enough, i guess). so i had to resort to a lookup table, this has to be done using an original dongle, watching the session between the dongle and the PC and storing that session. then i have to extract the part of the session that deals with the Algo and place that in the lookup table. That is if the program even uses the Algo, alot only use a simple check to see 1) if the dongle is present, 2) is there specific data in specific cells... some programmers are more interested in the application and waste little time in attempt to keep it secure from the general hacker/pirate....

    note that a simple change in the program revision/update could make the emulator useless until you can create/watch another session to get the informaiton that is being requested by the changed program... this could be very time consumming and your need for the dongle emulator and what it accesses will be the driving force as to the time needed and wasted in updating your emulator to work again...

    tgodd would most likely be your best source for information... that is if he answers you, he has not been around very often anymore, and he is limited to what he can tell you, do to his job and legal obligations that he falls under..

    i am afraid i can not just give you the emulator/crack PCB/source code, as that will defeat the whole essence of this Forum, you have to be willing to put forth some effort to achieve your goal and LEARN... otherwise all of my headaches would be for nothing...

    If you are willing to work your target, i am willing to help....

    for what it is worth, i hope this helps...

    i may have totally mis-read what you are looking for, assuming you know about the dongle utilities on this site at the link below, if not, here it is....

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