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Thread: phrack 3F - embedded ELF debugging

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    phrack 3F - embedded ELF debugging

    hi all,

    an X-tremely interesting paper can be found at

    very good and new stuff! inserting the debugger into the target - why not ?

    thanks to kryshaam who suggested to post it!

    of course phrack is a must read - some more articles include


    and p63-0x0e_Shifting_the_Stack_Pointer.txt by andrewg! - congratz andrewg to make
    it into phrack !!!!! 8)

    cheers, 0xf001

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    Thanks 0xf001

    The ELF debugger paper is cool

    I went to whatthehack and met some of the authors there and talked a bit about it... was lots of fun I can definately recommend whatthehack btw, it was absolutely awesome. There are some pics up @ for those who care to look

    - andrewg ||

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    you're welcome 0xf001

    This Phrack issue is very interesting especially this ELF paper
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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