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Thread: Perhaps be useful:Linux Kernel Debugger (Linice) v2.5 Released

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    Perhaps be useful:Linux Kernel Debugger (Linice) v2.5 Released

    Hi all
    I see perhaps this will be usefull then I post it.
    Linux Kernel Debugger (Linice) v2.5 Released:

    sincerely yours
    I should look out my posts,Or JMI will get mad at me! ;)

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    yes linice is probably the debugger of choice!
    i have tried from linice v 2.1 to 2.4 to get it running under 2.6 kernel with mixed success. I never have problems with exported symbols but just when i load the module everything freeeeezes

    regards, 0xf001

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    hi all,

    just an update: linice 2.6 is available for download!

    it includes a small fix for segmentation faults caused by getlogin() returning NULL -
    so now should load on the several mandrakes, debians and knoppixes

    still it does not support but i have seen some people are working on it (am i the only one with here ??????? )

    cheers, 0xf001

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    Hrm, I haven't got it working properly.

    I could get it to load using a program with an embedded int3, but it would appear to fail taking over scheduling / pausing the os etc (see, and wouldn't respond to keystrokes, etc.

    I haven't really dived into trying to work out why it isn't working because I haven't had a great need for it yet, and where I could've used it was solved by doing a little thinking first about the problem. ||

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    where have unixwasm , like linice ?

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    I'm not sure what you mean, but here's lida for you: ||

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