I have received the following job offer, which I was asked to forward in this board.

URL http://secunia.com/german_security_specialist/

German Security Specialist

Secunia seeks IT Security Specialists

If your native language is German and you are fluent in C and English, communicate via TCP, use your debugger / disassembler to find software bugs, and read Full-Disclosure instead of the morning cartoons, then you would love to work at Secunia.

Secunia offers a position where an important part of your daily work involves reverse engineering of software and exploit code, source code reviews, test and evaluation of vulnerabilities.

It is important that you are experienced in reverse engineering and is profound in C coding. Your experience with reverse engineering and C programming does not need to be work related.

Preferably you have coded and reverse engineered software on both Windows and Linux or other *BSD and Unix variants.

Secunia offers a position in a young and dynamic company, where you will be working closely together with our highly skilled security researchers and developers.

Secunia is an international organisation with employees from Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. All employees work at our offices in central Copenhagen, close to major railway stations.

Secunia is the market leading provider of vulnerability intelligence and vulnerability management solutions.

For more information about Secunia and the position contact CTO Thomas Kristensen (tk@secunia.com).

Toldbodgade 37B
1253 Copenhagen K