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Thread: Welcome Back

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    Welcome Back

    Nice to see you back online
    Many thank's Woodman ( JMI and all other....)

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    Most of the "hard" work, especially trying to figure out some small, nagging problems with php, was done by 0xf001. Appears that the "latest" CVS version of php we were trying to use, has some anomalies in it when used with vBulletin.

    We WILL be closing the Forum, hopefully very briefly, sometime today or tomorrow, simply to make a complete up to the minute copy of the vBulletin database, which has to be "upgraded" to work with the new v3.0.7 vBulletin. I did the same process last night, without closing the Forum, for the v3.0.6 vBulletin, to test how things were working. Everything went smoothly and I had the v3.0.6 up and running in only a few minutes. Should work the same for the upgrade to v3.0.7.

    Welcome back.


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    As Above

    I think that this messageboard is already a part of my life. My life had 3 important things:


    It went from that to

    Woodman's board

    Seriously, if any of the copyright/DCMA/MIPAA/CIA/FBI/wtf DO manage to close this down, I'm don;t really know what I'm gonna do without my daily fix.

    On a more legal note, Woodmann, I know that on some pretext of the other, you website hosted CAN be taken down. But can you also be LEGALLY arrested where you come from?

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    The DCMA has mostly civil penalties. One can get arrested from distributing pirated software, but we don't do that, and this place generally gets booted from a server because they don't want to deal with complaints.


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    In case anyone has not noticed we are now running the version 3.0.7 vBulletin. There were some substantial issues with most of the custom avatars, probably having something to do with the backup which was used to restart the forums here. I've managed, I hope, to recover and re-install most of them.

    If your custom avatar has vanished or does not appear as it should, simply re-upload it and, hopefully, that will fix the problem.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimless
    My life had 3 important things:
    Umhh, did you forget something, or are you a rather uncommon human creature?

    Regards, bilbo
    Non quia difficilia sunt, non audemus, sed quia non audemus, difficilia sunt.[Seneca, Epistulae Morales 104, 26]

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    I suspect he puts THAT in the "food" category.


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