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Thread: decrypt decompile precompiled resources

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    decrypt decompile precompiled resources

    any idea what the heck is a precompiled resource and how to include them in an exe and if it was included then how to rip them off and and decompress
    decrypt de whatever it modify them and re compress,compile and crypt it
    back into the original application

    well google yielded some info that a precompiled resource maybe *.res but analyzing ( i mean simple comparing of some arbitary rsrc.res file with the out put of reshack hacked
    precompiled resource dont show any kind of match

    the signatures are different
    the precompiled resource has a signature of Cpd`& and none of the first three pages in google yield anything decipherable to my dumb brain

    the precompiled resource is used like this by the application

    FindResource()-->LoadResource-->LockResource-->GlobalAlloc--->Decompress---> then blah blah blah the blah is of no concern to me
    i memory dumped the decompressed output

    so basically if i modify it can i compile it with modification and use reshack to
    add that instead of original if yes some pointers would be helpfull

    the app is coded in bcb so it probably uses brc something to precompile it is what i think or is precompiling a home grown concept ??

    well i dont want to reverse the decompress or rip it and recode it
    at the moment if i find some simple answers which i may have obviously missed
    any questions comments are welcome no search the blah blah black ship please
    thanks and regards

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    I believe that is "blah blah black sheep," but we all know that I'm spelling challenged, so who am I to attempt such corrections.


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    haha the fish ate the worm and got hooked into the bait i was wondering how why i couldnt hook it for 36 posts welcome to my cosy little osier
    btw how did the ship taste was it baa baa or blah blah

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    Sorry blabberer:

    You did not hook anyone or anything. I simply used your alliteration as you provided it to poke fun at my own spelling deficiencies (which I spelled with two "f"s the first time I wrote it here. ).

    But it was a nice try.


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