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Thread: Question about aspack

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    The majority of us on this board reverse targets for educational purposes

    I can't speak for the rest but in the majority of cases I just make notes then delete the program. I only keep them active while someone else is asking sensible questions about the program

    Aspr 2 is similar to it's forerunners except for the rediredted calls

    As for evaluator, well we have always had problems with his English. I don't know if English is his mother language and he does it deliberately or if he is foreign

    If we go back to the early days of tutorials they always stated "If you like the program then buy it!

    Anyways, good luck with your project


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    I can assure anyone here, I work for no software company or I am not working for any commercial gains...

    This project isn't to see how break into the software security, hell it's not even to crack, it's more to see what they did, how to improve and maybe make something that could function as a replacment of course, and *never* for any financial gains.

    I, as a programmer, wouldn't want to copy code as having my own code stolen is terrible. Even some of my freeware programs that I've made which include source have had the code stolen and there all I ask for is due credit.

    The reason I come here is because the community allows for questions. In a field like this there's few places that you can go that will help you start. Being a programmer does help but theres some aspects that really are underexplained, partly due to the aparent explaination that one gets from experiance. Learning how to unpack is / will be a bonus to me learning how things work.

    What can I say... I'm curious.

    Oh and BTW... the program I am working on... is fully liscnesed on my machine. I support them heavily (as in always buying upgrades... etc) because I think they're work is great. I'll always support them too, it's just when I see something amazing... I wonder why I can't think up of it and try to figure out what they did... Something like a magic trick.

    thank you hobferret & evaluator for your kind words.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    all points for start learning we gave you. (reread them)

    thread done. unsubscribing..

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