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Thread: Looking for compression Library jcalg

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    Looking for compression Library jcalg

    I've been trying to find a file for some time, but without luck.

    I'm looking for the JCALG compression Library written by Jeremy Collake (JCALG1)

    There were several host changes:

    My problem is that all websites showing up in search results refer to (; but that domain has expired on dec-28-2004.

    Using the wayback machine at, I managed to get r521, but I would like to get the latest version (r534 I believe).


    It's an open source library so I don't think it would be a problem to post the file in here.

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    I could only find 5.32.
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    I checked the bitsum webpage and they linked to the file except under the collakesoftware site name. Assuming the bitsum site and the collakesoftware were the same site just different urls. You can get ver. 3.4 by replacing collakesoftware with bitsum

    revision history is not updated but file size is different from 5.32 and matches what 5.34 is supposed to be.

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    I went as far as trying to get the old dns resolve of to try to reach the website via its IP address, but didn't think about substituting the hostname for the latest one

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