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Thread: How to edit instruction in IDA pro

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    How to edit instruction in IDA pro

    I use IDA pro 4.7.0 as a run-time debugger. When I used OllyDbg, I can edit instruction or operand by press space bar. But I can`t find a menu in IDA pro. Is there anyone who knows it? please let me know...
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Once again we have a new user that make his first post without reading a single line of the FAQ. The answer to your question is not in the faq but, you will find a hint in the faq that will lead you to the answer of your question.

    I won't tell you anything else, take my post as a stupid riddle

    Good luck,

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    Hey ZaiRoN:

    It's not a "stupid riddle." You put him on the correct path through the dark codewoods and now it's time for him to try to find his own way.


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    I won't tell you anything else, take my post as a stupid riddle

    Good luck,
    Love that riddle

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