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Thread: Window handles

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    Window handles

    i tried to get a window handle of a button in a win32 application under windows xp. I used the Spy++ to try to get the name of the button, however i could not select the button, i could only select the area around it. I also used Winspector Spy(free imitation of spy++)
    same problem.
    I am positive i can't find any info about this. I looked on msdn on documentation to spy++

    any ideas on why i can't select the button, i can only select the dialog box itself?
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    This can be a windowless control, such as TBitBtn in Delphi, some button in VB as I know. They do not have a window handle, instead of they will be drawed directly on the area of parent control.

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    is there a way to be sure if it is windowless?
    when i move my find window tool over the window i get that is is of "Surface" class. So i figure it is a custom class.
    I found some of the .res file:
    		"ControlName"		"Button"
    		"fieldName"		"LoginButton"
    		"xpos"		"120"
    		"ypos"		"117"
    		"wide"		"80"
    		"tall"		"24"
    		"autoResize"		"0"
    		"pinCorner"		"0"
    		"visible"		"1"
    		"enabled"		"1"
    		"tabPosition"		"3"
    		"labelText"		"#Login_Btn"
    		"textAlignment"		"west"
    		"dulltext"		"0"
    		"brighttext"		"0"
    		"wrap"		"0"
    		"Command"		"Login"
    		"Default"		"1"
    Any ideas if this button resource is suaully used as a window or not. just by assosiation, have anyone seen a resource declaation like this an was it used as a window or not?
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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