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Thread: Old DOS Stack handling by Win2k

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    Old DOS Stack handling by Win2k

    Hi all,
    My problem is that i have a BIG DOS4GW Application running under Win2k or WinXp and i wanna try to read/write the Stack of this Application with a Win32 App. (Is it possible???)

    I write myself a small pure DOS (no extender) Application to point out how NTVDM.EXE is handling the Stack. Then i Debugged the Application with ollydbg but i can't find out how the stack is access.

    Then i wrote a Win32 app and try ReadProcessMemory to read the memory of the Process (my testapp interpreted by ntvdm.exe) and check if it changed.
    I wanted obtain the Address of the stack but didn't work. Delivered only a dump of NTVDM.EXE

    After that i tried the Debug API's to access the stack, and read out ESP with GetThreadContext and check that value it is (esp=248).
    Then i read the pointer from [esp]. but it also fails

    Any Suggestion to get this Probleme solved or more detailed information about NTVDM.EXE i read two post about ntvdm here with some good info.

    DOS APP Teststack.exe -> teststack.asm
    Win32 APP Debug4.exe -> debug.asm

    you can take a look a my sources under h**p://


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    Have you tried WinDbg? It surely is better than OllyDbg for debugging applications running with NTVDM.

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    No but i will try that tomorrow

    Thanks for that tip

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