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    the new packer

    WARNING - The Following Self Promotional Claims Have NOT Been Verified By ANY Credible Source

    Themida 1.0

    I believe that the author is the same than the Xprotector
    Kernel Mode operation in all Windows platforms: Ring0 technology in most of the internal protection engines; Anti-debugger techniques that detect/fool any kind of debugger; Anti-memory dumpers techniques for any Ring3 and Ring0 dumpers; Different encryption algorithms and keys in each protected application; Anti-API scanners techniques that avoids reconstruction of original import table; Automatic decompilation and scrambling techniques in target application; Virtual Machine emulation in specific blocks of code; Advanced Mutator engine; SDK communication with protection layer; Anti-disassember techniques for any static and interactive disassemblers; Multiple polymorphic layers with more than 50.000 permutations; Advanced API-Wrapping techniques; Anti-monitors techniques against file and registry monitors; Random garbage code insertion between real instructions; Specialized protection threads; Advanced Threads network communication; Anti-Memory patching and CRC techniques in target application; Ring-0 garbage code insertion between real instructions; metamorphic engine to scramble original instructions; Advanced Entry point protection; Debugger interrupts emulation; Dynamic encryption in target application; Anti-tracing code insertion between real instructions; Advanced Anti-breakpoint manager; Real time protection in target application; compression of target application, resources and protection code; Advanced kernel mode decryption layers; Anti-“debugger hiders” techniques; Full mutation in protection code to avoid pattern recognition; Real-time simulation in target application; Intelligent protection code insertion inside target application; Random internal data relocation; Possibility to customize dialogs in protected application; Support of command line; Many many more...
    199€ A expensive little do you not believe?
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Sounds like a fun toy, although quite certain to royally mess up the computers of half of your customers or so...

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    um who cares, unless it actually starts to get used somewhere.

    also, all threats we've heard before

    FULL this , FULL that. COFFEE HOLDER Included. BACK / FOOT massager (not for use in internal areas)

    Just run it in VMWare anyway :P

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    Since when did we permit this Forum to become a self promotion page for makers of new protection schemes who are trying to advertise their products and sell to new customers?

    I am taking the liberty of reducing the volumn of this advertisement.

    There now, isn't that better.


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    And read this thread:

    Seems "just like xprotector" this "protector" manages to crash those machines on which it has been tried to run. Brillant marketing strategy.


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    And the ultimate in protection. You can't reverse what you can't run.

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