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Thread: what about linux

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    what about linux

    hi all,

    i have seen here posts regarding linux, too.
    is it an option to add a linux section?
    i know this board is mainly discussing abt windows.
    actually at least I would be very happy to have a more structured approach when talking about linux.

    i have seen now lots of protection systems for linux in commercial applications, and there are many interesting things to discuss and knowledge i would like to share and improve.

    however i like this forum to discuss, and the chm download, ...
    so i prefer this board over others

    currently one has to use the search button to see whether there are new posts concerning linux protections, ...

    i would actually be glad even if just 1 section for linux would be added,
    i know there are crossreferences to platform independant posts like encryption, ...

    i feel the whole linux RE is not getting pretty much started, as there are
    not so many places to discuss topics, in the quality like here.

    what are your opinions? yes / no / cancel ? bullshit? we do not want linux here? great idea?

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    i would recommend to you or, but both seem to be down/gone. anyone have the most recent address? (or is it gone for good?)

    in the meantime, you might want to checkout and its discussion board:

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    hi disavoved!

    thanks for reply! i know those sites already, yes they are down...

    i am not looking for ressources, i know many other sites as well. and just here comes the point i wanted to ask what you people think of adding a linux section to the RCE forum. i know the anticrack forum. they have a linux section, but for my opinion the board itself is not soo good (pleas do not kill me by that opinion )... eg you can not see the latest topic where was posted on the main site. no archive download and such minor things. it is not a problem and also not the point

    it seems here is another community which is quite BIG, and it is an RCE forum, but not many ppl talk about linux. so if one has a question/something interresting to post he would probably not do so, as it looks "windows only",
    and either search for somewhere else or just not start to discuss.

    by seeing an own section for linux, probably the section would spread quite far along with the knowledge!

    maybe even some windows reverse engineers will have a look into it and can learn / discuss here on the board as well.

    technically there is no reason for it of course.

    maybe i am alone with those thoughts, maybe it has already been thought of, here is somebody interested!

    cheers, 0xf001

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    It will be discussed and a decision will be made.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


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    thank you very much for taking care!

    cheers, 0xf001

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