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Thread: Indentifing Armadillo version & unpacking

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    Indentifing Armadillo version & unpacking

    Ok, this is my first post. nice to meet you

    I am pretty much a newbie.. although I've done a bunch of my own hands on learning cracking various unpacked programs.

    I don't need help with cracking, as much as I do unpacking a program.

    Research already done:
    I have tried reading tutorials on unpacking various versions of armadillo from 1.x to 3.7, however I was unable to follow

    along most of them since I am a newbie. Many of the tuts made references to things most reversers would not need explanations


    As far as that, I can't really even find the tut I need until i identify exactly which version of Armadillo is being used..

    which I have not had success with (found a tut for that, but wasn't very helpful)

    Information I've Gathered:
    I have used Peid and Studpe to identify that the proggy is packed with armadillo.

    Peid says: "Armadillo 1.xx - 2.xx -> Silicon Realms Toolworks"
    StudPE says: "Armadillo 2.5x - 2.6x -> Silicon Realms Toolworks"

    I do have the "cracked" version of a slightly early version of this program(2.08 vs the 2.15 I am working on). The cracked

    .exe is also packed with armadillo, and comes with an ARMACCESS.DLL.

    If I could unpack this 2.08 cracked.exe, I probably couldn't compare it to the original 2.08 .exe since I can't find a place

    to download it.

    Anyway, any advice on either finding the Armadillo version of the program or the actual unpacking thereof would be very

    helpful. Or perhaps just being pointed in the direction of some better tutorials suited for someone like me would also be much

    obliged. I know this might be a big project for someone of my level, but I've always learned best by taking on projects too

    big. Anywho, Thanks alot. -b

    P.S., If you see this same post on some other forums, please don't be upset with me.. I'm too new to the forums to know which

    are the best place for to post, so I'm kinda covering my bases

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    Ok.. i had some trouble earlier with mephisto's version number tutorial (it was a real dumb mistake that comes from not using olly very much).

    The version is 3.76... so at this point, i'm just trying to find some tutorials for this version. thanks. -b

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