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Thread: ASPACK problems with DLL (relocations?)

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    ASPACK problems with DLL (relocations?)


    Searched already the board but find no solution for my problem. I think it might have to do with some relocations. I unpacked dll (use aspackdie because itīs faster/but itīs an "unknown algorithm 3"-for aspack 2.12b as PEid said.) but if i load dll with loadlibrary it has another base than loading with ollydbg!

    Example Olly:
    01A71000 | |EB 10 jmp short 01A71012
    01A71002 | |66 db 66 ; CHAR 'f'
    01A71003 | |62 db 62 ; CHAR 'b'
    01A71004 | |3A db 3A ; CHAR ':'
    01A71005 | |43 db 43 ; CHAR 'C'
    01A71006 | |2B db 2B ; CHAR '+'
    01A71007 | |2B db 2B ; CHAR '+'
    01A71008 | |48 db 48 ; CHAR 'H'
    01A71009 | |4F db 4F ; CHAR 'O'
    01A7100A | |4F db 4F ; CHAR 'O'
    01A7100B | |4B db 4B ; CHAR 'K'
    01A7100C | |90 nop
    01A7100D | |E9 db E9
    01A71012 |> \A1 F3A3AF01 mov eax, [dword ds:1AFA3F3]
    01A71017 |. C1E0 02 shl eax, 2
    01A7101A |. A3 F7A3AF01 mov [dword ds:1AFA3F7], eax
    01A7101F |. 8B4424 08 mov eax, [dword ss:esp+8]
    01A71023 |. A3 65A4AF01 mov [dword ds:1AFA465], eax
    01A71028 |. FF1485 55A4AF>call near [dword ds:eax*4+1AFA455]
    01A7102F |. 833D 65A4AF01>cmp [dword ds:1AFA465], 1
    01A71036 |. 75 5E jnz short flash001.01A71096
    01A71038 |. 803D FFA3AF01>cmp [byte ds:1AFA3FF], 0

    This works because for example at 1A71012 mov eax is pointing to memory which is available! (non shared dll memory at 1afa3f7)

    But if i load with LoadLibrary it looks like this:
    01F91000 > /EB 10 jmp short 01F91012
    01F91002 |66:623A bound di, [word ds:edx]
    01F91005 |43 inc ebx
    01F91006 |2B2B sub ebp, [dword ds:ebx]
    01F91008 |48 dec eax
    01F91009 |4F dec edi
    01F9100A |4F dec edi
    01F9100B |4B dec ebx
    01F9100C |90 nop
    01F9100D -|E9 6CA4AF01 jmp 03A8B47E
    01F91012 \A1 F3A3AF01 mov eax, [dword ds:1AFA3F3]
    01F91017 C1E0 02 shl eax, 2
    01F9101A A3 F7A3AF01 mov [dword ds:1AFA3F7], eax
    01F9101F 8B4424 08 mov eax, [dword ss:esp+8]
    01F91023 A3 65A4AF01 mov [dword ds:1AFA465], eax
    01F91028 FF1485 55A4AF01 call near [dword ds:eax*4+1AFA455]
    01F9102F 833D 65A4AF01 0>cmp [dword ds:1AFA465], 1

    So the Base is changed from 1A10000 to 1F90000 but the mov eax is still pointing to 1afa3f3. ?!

    I just thought a dll is like an exe, so i should not bother with relocations but i think i am wrong? anyway, dumping the file with petools and copying the reloc section changes nothing at this point.

    i am at the end of my knowledge.. may be somebody can explain this to me and how to solve this?!
    (Btw. itīs on a Windows XP system, i did not test under other os)

    Last edited by friedo; November 2nd, 2004 at 11:11.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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