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Thread: Changing the key combination to invoke SI

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    Changing the key combination to invoke SI

    Is there a way to change the default Ctrl-D keystroke for invoking SoftIce? Because that combination seems to create odd problems with the mouse in Windows XP (I know those problems aren't just mine. Hail to the search function! :P).

    DriverStudio 3.1
    Windows XP (no sp1 or sp2)


    edit: never mind! I found the answer at this thread:

    edit2: The answer isn't very well written on that link, so I'll restate the answer:
    In your Winice.dat file (sometimes in C:\windows, it's in C:\windows\system32\drivers for me), in the line that looks like INIT=, before the "X;" part of it, put in "altkey alt i" and a semicolon. So, my new INIT string looks like this:
    INIT="altkey alt i; X;"
    You can replace the "alt i" part with any combination you want, of course, so long as it's either a Ctrl or Alt combination.
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    An old faq I remember goes as follows:

    Q. I'm a PhotoShop/<other application> user & SoftICE's Ctrl+D hotkey is incredibly annoying / inconvenient, is there any way to change it?.
    A. You did of course read the SoftICE Command Reference, in particular the ALTKEY command. Place it in your initialization string for added convenience.

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    And not you have personally experienced the value of searching before one asks a question and, hopefully, might impress that point on other readers. You have also posted some information which might help others with similiar issues, so, alltogether, not a wasted effort.


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