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Thread: Os architectry

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    Os architectry

    I was wondering if anyone got an article on os architecture for noobs?(With focus on windows maybe? the nt series). the memory managemnet and such.
    i found some but they were either too shallow, and didnt give enoguht info, or were too complex for me to understand.....
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    OS architecture is sorta not for newbies by definition. I'd suggest you'd get well aquainted with ring 3 first, and then start with the stuff below.

    One example of a good book describing NT architecture is "Inside Windows 2000" anyway.

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    I don't this is against low of this forum,because this site
    has no crack,warez,serail,etc.
    But is you search you can find ebooks about computer
    concepts in it(non commerical):

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    The WindowsNT/2000 source code is out and about on the net as well, if you're interested in seeing the way Microsoft builds their code (and all their //BUGBUG: comments, )
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