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Thread: Keyboard repeating in softice

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    Question Keyboard repeating in softice

    im using ds 3.1 and a logitech elite keyboard. After getting everything running i have a anoying problem. when i use F10 or the p command the keyboard keeps sending blank lines to softice if i hit another button it will stop until i use F10 again, this is making it hard to step through programs since if im not on the ball i can go a couple steps at a time before catching it and you all know how quick we are at 3 in the morning. any ideas? i would like to use this keyboard if possible
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    First - Have you tried doing a search here or on the net using terms such as "softice + keyboard + repeating" (without the quotes)? You have read, have you not, the FAQ where it says you are supposed to search and also explain what you have done to try to solve your own problem? This contemplates that you actually try something other than just asking a question here. Have you considered reading some of the information posted on the company website? Had you even thought of that?


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    This sounds more like a "sticky key" problem, except you say it happens with both F10 and p/P?
    Have you tried remapping the function to another key? No problems with F8?

    You might check your keyboard with some type of keylogger/monitor just to make sure it's not putting out multiple messages for each keypress. If you're using the included Logitech software, try disabling it and let Windows use its own defaults.


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    Jesus a litlle moody are we? just joking ya i have searched here and google for some kind of solution but with no luck and if i missed a post in here about it i am sorry, i have tried telling it not to patch the keyboard driver that didn't change anything, my keyboard is plugged into the usb port and i tried telling it not to patch usb keyboard then the keyboard didn't work. Ocassionaly i get a message in softice telling me my keyboard is sending useless information or somthing along that lines, im at work so i can't check for sure right now what it was. i will also search for my usb to ps2 adapter when i get home and will report back if that changes anything.
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    I noticed the same thing when I'm using a KVM switch to share my keyboard, mouse & monitor between two pcs. I'm also using a ps/2 to usb keyboard adapter. I'm quite sure that's your problem.

    My main problem was:
    When typing too fast, around 50% of the keys get read.
    I've also seen the "keyboard is sending useless reports" message.

    These adapters are not as 'intelligent' as we'd like them to be.

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    I believe he is reporting the condition with the opposite set-up. He said he is "going to search for my usb to ps2 adapter" which suggests he is currently running with usb and is going to try the converter, while you are reporting the :converter" caused similar problems for you.


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