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Thread: learning idc

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    Question learning idc

    I'm too newbie in cracking app and I never need to use IDA Pro's idc.
    But when I cracking a program I got the Algorithm too easy,But I can't
    Disassemble it with IDA Pro.
    The algorithm is the folowing:A very small Start routine that only have
    two important commands:
    1-A Push with a imadiate value setting that contain the starting address
    of the real program body in data segment.
    2-A RET,when you get RET because computer sturcture we will go to
    return address,But with no address we will go to the imadiate value
    that we set by Push.
    With this algorithm IDA Pro can't disassemble this application usefully.
    Now my question:
    How I can write an idc for IDA Pro that Disassemble the application with
    structure that I said?

    sincerely yours

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    You can go to the push'd address and mark this location as code (hotkey 'C') - it should work just fine.

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