I unpacked a hasp envelope (find oep, recover iat) and the program runs fine. The only thing is that the Resource section seems to be now behind the import section. Further more i would like to ged rid of this .protect section...
(btw. resourcehacker tell me resources are damaged while exescope and most pe tools show me right resources.. but i can not change any resources because the size of this section seems to grow up and the program wonīt run anymore.) In addition to that itīs an delphi application and dede doesnīt recognize, even if i tried to dump the process i can not but this i think could be solved due to chaning some section flags...

I read several PE Tutorials, tried some pe tools (seems that automatic of these tools wonīt work), but i donīt find a solution for this (especially for reorganizing sections and get rid of additional garbage..)

So i would like to delete three sections from header/file and change the position of resource section behind the import section to make it editable by resource tools.

Do somebody have a tip for me where to search (some tuts specially for this) or how to solve this?