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Thread: If you can read this...

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    If you can read this...

    Then I seem to have successfully posted from my mobile phone (Hyuk Hyuk!)
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    That's such a bizarre concept, how can you even read anything? I'm curious, the vBulletin Archive feature was designed partly to have a PDA compatible format, is it helpful on a phone? I had further modified that script to show smilies and code/quote tags, I'm also wondering how they show up on something other than a PC.

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    Bastard .

    So how much did it cost to post that message


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    Speaking of strange devices to access this forum from...

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    Still here...

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    Hey silver how do you got the psp to access the forum?. I am still having problem to get it to connect to my wireless connection.

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    No special tricks. I just set up my wireless connection on the psp with the right settings, then started the browser. I made no changes to my wireless network config to use the PSP - it was actually "more compatible" than one of my laptops' built in wifi cards.

    I currently have my psp flashed with custom firmware, but I've done it with standard Sony firmware too.
    Still here...

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    I have an <old> i600 Samsung that uses M$ 2003 server and works 100%. Only probs in when out of the country. I able to use it just as well as a PDA for the same. Upgrades to the software will make it faster. Just get the xtended battery.......
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