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    FORTRAN - Mathematics Library

    Hi All,

    Just wondering...

    Is there anything that can act as a *free* replacement for the IMSL Library that generally provides a plethora of statistical and financial functions?

    Though IMSL is good, I have no time or inclination or talent to break the softkey protection it uses.

    I searched GNU and others, but since they are FORTRAN mathematic libraries, even though I found many free ones which can be comparable to the IMSL, they unfortrunately having only engineering and calculus related functions and no statistical or financial functions.

    Pointers anyone? Any help appreciated.

    Have Phun
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    Wow Fortran! I haven't used that since the early 80s, although it does bring back many fond memories. You must have a huge legacy code base to still want to program in that. Both CernLib and SPSS have statistical modules written in Fortran and I believe are free, (I know CernLib is). I can't help you with the financial end.

    cheers, jsteed

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    Use matlab and its statistical tool box
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hi Aimless,

    WOW! a fortran question... after you get done doing what you r doing, check out 'Visual Numerics' site, as they have a proggie called PV-Wave. Not what you need but its cool nevertheless.
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