I would like to Reverse engineer some UNIX (Mainly IRIX FlexLM'ed) programs and looking for some hints from the people who are expierenced in that.

My expierence in Reverse engineering is fairly small (I did cracked some small programs on PC 2-3 years ago and used to know the x86 assembly basics), in addition to that I cannot use most of the tutorials or education tools simply because I have no Windows / x86 machine at my disposal anymore, I could certanly buy one, but not sure if this will help me much for working under IRIX. My UNIX knowhow is good.

So, I would like to know what tools are available under UNIX ?

Is there anything like SoftIce available for IRIX ?

Can I somehow disassemble an executable (In IDAPro Advanced or native platform disassembler) and use the listing to set breakpoints & co in IRIX's dbx, cvd or ddd ?

Are there any tutorials which are directed on UNIX platforms ?

Looking forward for any helpful information