Hello all,

I recently sniffed out a serial from a certain program. The idea is very straight forward; one call and the serial is in EAX. The serial is based on a hardware dependant code, rather than a name. Since nobody else is able to use my code, I decided to attempt a keygen.

I skipped through the registration proc, but it is extremely obfuse and extremely long (3098 lines, not mentioning a second sub proc which is called), so I don't really feel like trying to figure out what it does.

In the past, I once ripped a whole registration proc from a program and built another GUI around it. I figured that would be the best option in this case as well. Problem is; the program is written in VB and the regproc is full of calls to the MSVBVM60.dll. In order to make this work, I'll need to import MSVBVM60 in MASM...

Does anybody know how I can pull this off? Or maybe where I can find premade import headers? I searched the net, but couldn't find anything.

The best option would be to use inline ASM in VB, but since VB doesn't support that...

- Fahr