0) obtain 8.0c sdk, may say 'beta', but that's fine

1) make sure your vendor keys are good
--> extraction via 7.2 method verified, works fine.
--> you need vendorcode struct+4 and struct+8 as data[0] and data[1],
sampled after stepping over the breakpoint (the two 32-bit numbers after the 0x00000004 in the structure)
--> you need jobstruct+8, +C, +10 - sampled after stepping over the breakpoint as well (the 3 32-bit numbers after 0x00000066, stepping over one first)
--> you need 4 vendor codes as well - obtain from job struct

2) plug these into the fixed version of calcseed, along with the vendor name
--> write down the two EncSeed values generated

3) plug all of this into a modified lmrecode that has the new glseed&val of 0x3CDE3EBF, 0x6F7330B8 in place of 0x788f71d2 and 0x7648b98e, or build a modified lmrecode yourself - source is around
--> plug in the numbers when asked, don't worry about the warning, just write down vendor_key5

4) modify the lm_code.h in machind with vendor codes, vendor, enc seeds - don't worry about encseed 3 and 4

5) modify the lib files in i86_n3 that are used to do the builds - replace 0x788f71d2 with 0x3CDE3EBF, 0x7648b98e with 0x6F7330B8

6) run build.bat, use makekey.exe to generate license. you'll have to run vcvars32.bat if you don't have build environment set up for dos box

7) if you want to use genlic.exe instead, you'll have to do step #5 above on it since it doesn't get built by build.bat / makefile.