I am a newbie. I try to use Cryptlib low level interface to run a demo using DES algorithm.

When I use MS Visual c++ 6.0 under Windows 2000 Pro to build this test.c file. This error occur:
cryptlib.h : fatal error LNK1136: invalid or corrupt file

Does any expert give me hint, thank you very very much in advance.

This is the test.c source code

#define INC_CHILD

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <string.h>

#include "crypt\des.h"
#include "cryptlib.h"

int main()

#define CRYPTLEN 128
char CryptBuffer[BUFFERLENGTH];

int status;
int mode;
int ok1;
int i=0;

CRYPT_CONTEXT cryptContext;

// input crypt context buffer
printf("\nBitte eine Zeichenfolge eingeben:\nbis zu 32 Zeichen (256 Bit)\n\n>");

while (((mode=getch()) != 13) && ok1==1)
if (i < CRYPTLEN-1){
CryptBuffer[i++] = mode;
printf("\nBuffer filled!");
ok1 = 0;

//last element to 0 for String with ending 0
CryptBuffer[i++] = 0;

printf("\nEs werden %i Bytes verschluesselt\n", strlen(CryptBuffer));

/* Cryptlib Initialisierung */
status = cryptInit();
if( cryptStatusError( status ) )
printf( "cryptInit() failed with error code %d.\n", status );
return( -1 );

/* Load the key, encrypt the buffer, and destroy the encryption context */

cryptCreateContext( &cryptContext, CRYPT_UNUSED, CRYPT_ALGO_DES );

cryptGenerateKey( cryptContext );

printf( "\ntext: %s; textlen: %d", CryptBuffer, strlen(CryptBuffer));

/* Write the encrypted data to the screen */

printf( "\nContents of buffer after encryption: \n\n%.32s\n", CryptBuffer );

/* Load the key, decrypt the buffer, and destroy the encryption context */

cryptDecrypt( cryptContext, CryptBuffer, BUFFERLENGTH );

/* Write the decrypted data to the screen */

printf( "\nContents of buffer after decryption: \n\n%.32s\n\n", CryptBuffer );
printf( "\ntext: %s; textlen: %d", CryptBuffer, strlen(CryptBuffer));

cryptDestroyContext( cryptContext );

cryptEnd(); /* Cryptlib schliessen */

return 0;