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Thread: Common ASM instructions explained (from MSJ Under The Hood)

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    nice explanations

    common asm snippets explained

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    Thanks for the nice articles. I changed the title to make it more descriptive.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 0rp
    common asm snippets explained
    Haven't posted here before...sorry if I mess up.

    Did anyone notice who wrote the articles above? None other than Matt Pietrek, the guy who wrote the reverse engineering bible. I read his book, Windows 95 Programming Secrets, long before I'd heard of Fravia. Anyone who hasn't heard of this work of art needs to read it.

    BTW..good to see you're still around Kayaker. Your insights have helped me over the years...thanks.

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    If you're a big fan of Matt Pietrek, you might want to check out his website too:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dELTA
    If you're a big fan of Matt Pietrek, you might want to check out his website too:

    Thanks. I've contacted Matt a couple of times over the years. He's a nice guy. I was really impressed initially with his chapter on 'spelunking'...his way of poking around in the Window's code. He, of course, developed Boundschecker for NuMega.

    I've never gotten deeply into it, however, being a bit beyond a beginner and not quite intermediate. He's light years ahead me. From reading Matts books, I can actually follow Kayaker and other guys when they go off into Ring 0 code. But I'm not good enough to apply it due to a lack of hands on. I'm kind of an armchair reverser. :-)

    On Matt's site, he mentions his interest in rock...heavier bands like Guns and Roses. I'm a musician myself, so I kind of relate to that. That's why I dropped out of the reversing arena...I was spending all my time doing it and ignoring the music. :-) Every once in a while, though, I fire up IDA and spelunk through some code to see if I can spot some of the easier reverses.

    I'm sifting through the threads in this forum and finding them very interesting. There are some pretty smart people posting in here and things have come quite a way since the old +Orc material. I remember when dongles were first conquered and it amuses me to see how brilliantly people rise to the occasion to reverse the most difficult of software.

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