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Thread: Struck in keygenning

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    Struck in keygenning

    Hi folks i am a newbie. i started practising on a few crackmes and got struck kindly help!
    what does the command do-----
    Ax contained 1234 previously and after the asm instruction changed to 9a10
    or something like this

    could someone please explain what this command is and what it does. please explain with examples. i will be very thankfull.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Well hell:

    Did you by any chance see the BIG RED LETTERS at the top of the Forums which tell you to read the FAQ and then search before you post a question? How are you expecting to write a keygen, let alone "crack" software, if you have little to no knowledge of assembly language instructions? Have you even considered that there is a wealth of knowledge out there on the net if you aren't too lazy or impatient to search for answers yourself?

    There are many resources out there which will explain ROR to you and what happens with the instruction you seek. All you have to do is put "assembly language + ROR" into any search engine and you will find your own answer.

    Being a newbie is NO excuse for failing to put some of your own effort into the learning process. This is not a school for those who are not willing to put in their own efforts and want someone to explain the very basics of assembly language to them.

    Now READ the FAQ, do some of your own basic research and come back and answer your own question. It really isn't that hard, with just a little effort. There are even several links at the bottom of these Forums with useful information. For example the BlackBird Archive and Krobar have tutorials for newbies on assembly language.

    Please let's have no one encourage this type of lack of effort by giving the answer for this simple search.


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    sorry JMI

    i am really sorry for posting such an easy question on the forum. i regret it and i will make sure this thing is not repeated. anyways thanks for opening my ways. i will work harder and try to be a good cracker.

    well, ROR stands for rotate right.

    ROR ax, cl means rotate the bit string right times the value in cl.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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